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Unraveling the Mystery of GMCs — Online Class

Unraveling the Mystery of GMCs — Online Class

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about the private classes I offer online, so…

Unraveling the Mystery of GMCs

Do you struggle to determine your characters’ goals, motivations, and conflicts? Do you know the difference between internal and external GMCs? I can help unravel the mystery of goals, motivations, and conflicts.

GMCs are the core of every memorable novel because they add dimension to your characters and direction to your plot. Without a true understanding of goals, motivations, and conflicts (internal and external), you risk losing your reader. But that doesn’t have to happen. While GMCs may seem intimidating and overwhelming, it helps to go through the process with a professional. In Unraveling the Mystery of GMCs, we’ll work at your pace, so you can take your time and really understand the lessons.

Unraveling the Mystery of GMCs is a one-on-one class, where we’ll focus specifically on your story. You’ll learn:

-The basics – What are GMCs?
-The difference between a story and a scene goal
-How to determine if the goal is external or internal
-If your characters’ goals are properly motivated
-If your conflicts are strong enough, and more…

We’ll look closely at your main characters to determine their GMCs and ensure they’re strong enough to last the whole novel.

You have a month to complete the assignments but can finish before then. There are three lessons—one for goals, one for motivations, and one for conflicts. Each lesson comes with an assignment, and you’re allowed three revisions in total. This means you hand in your homework and can redo it after you’ve received feedback with a maximum of three revisions total, not three revisions per lesson. Additional revisions can be purchased if necessary.

Cost: $35 U.S.

Duration: 1-4 weeks, working at the student’s pace

Contact Lynnette Labelle at: labelle@labelleseditorialservices.com to register.

Lynnette Labelle
2017 Golden Heart Finalist
2016 Daphne du Maurier 2nd Place Winner

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