It’s National Pet Day!!!

It’s National Pet Day!!!

It’s National Pet Day, or so I’ve been told. You probably don’t know this about me, but I love animals. If I could own a zoo, a farm, and an arc, I’d do it. I’ve had plenty of pets over the years: a gazillion hamsters (most named Cookie), a variety of fish, a Guinea pig, gerbils, a bunny, and a few Bichon Frises. Not all at once, of course. THAT would be crazy. Right now, I have a Samoyed puppy, two cats, a teddy bear hamster, and a betta fish. S’Mores (the hamster) and Dragone (the fish) don’t like their pictures taken. However, I managed to take a few pics of the others.


These are photos of Parker aka Parks. May he rest in peace.








These are photos of Tiger and White-Walker.













These are photos of Jax, our Samoyed puppy.








Do you have pets? Cat? Dog? Other?


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