How Many Clients Do Agents Sign a Year?

How Many Clients Do Agents Sign a Year?

Sometimes, toward the end of the year, agents post stats on how many queries they received, how many partials and fulls they requested, and how many clients they signed. Unless they’re a new agent who’s growing their list, many agents don’t sign more than a handful a year. In fact, many sign between two and four. Kinda makes your heart sink, doesn’t it? Well, don’t let the stats get to you. Here’s what the BookEnds Team had to say in their Twitter chat yesterday.

Tracy Marchini ‏‪@TracyMarchini‬
I have a goal, but I’m not going to take something on to meet a number. I’m always thinking about holes in my list though!

Moe Ferrara ‏‪@inthesestones‬
I have a goal — but my current clients will always take priority.

Jessica Faust ‏‪@BookEndsJessica‬
I think most agents start a year with an idea of what they’d like their client list to look like,
but it doesn’t necessarily include # of clients. It could include types of books, genres, etc.
And, of course, the vision for that list will likely change throughout the year as trends change.

Jessica Alvarez ‏‪@AgentJessicaA‬
I have a goal of taking on 3-5 new clients this year. I think I had the same goal last year and took on 7.

Beth Campbell ‏‪@Campbele_E‬
I start with a goal of how many I’ll take on! Results can vary pretty widely though.

In other words, even if agents had a goal for how many clients to sign in a year, and they met it, they’ll still sign others if they love the story/writing. Keep querying, peeps. It’ll happen.

Lynnette Labelle
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