Author Spotlight: Micheal Rivers

I’d like to welcome Micheal Rivers, author of The Black Witch and Ghosts of the North Carolina Shores. His most recent release is Moonlight on the Nantahala. We’ll learn more about that in a little bit, but first, let’s see what Micheal has to say…

Q: Sum up your current WIP in one to three sentences.

A: I am currently working on a novel called Verliege due to be released spring of 2012. It is a paranormal thriller based on a historic castle in Germany. The question of it all is; “Can you bargain with the dead?”

Q: Do you have any quirky writing habits?

A: Good Lord sometimes I feel like one big quirk. I have more than a few times found myself typing and still holding a pen in my right hand. I have a tendency to hook my right foot in the base of the chair when the story starts rolling like a snowball headed for hell. The one quirk that really starts the house rocking is music. It is always something that has nothing to do with the story flow. I talk to myself when somebody is getting the crap kicked out of him. It is my own personal cheering section.

Q: What kind of characters do you enjoy writing the most?

A: The ordinary guy just trying to make his mark in the world. My characters have all the attributes of a select group rolled into one to make a person who is acceptable for the situations he will be introduced to. Anybody is fair game.

Q: Where does your story take place? Why did you choose this location?

A: The story of Edward Caulfield takes place in the mountains of Western North Carolina in the Nantahala gorge. This is a land rich in tradition and families do not take their allegiance to each other lightly. There are some legends here that are very close to Edward’s story. I wanted others to try and understand what our older generation endures with everyday life and their memories of the things they have lost. Let us not forget the actions of helping a friend in need.

Q: Who has influenced your writing and how?

A: Looking at the world around me and the life I have lived, I would have to say the people and events of a modern civilization have had the greatest influence. The nature of man influences everything I write. The things we do not understand in this world are a maze of wonderment. If you look at it from an author’s standpoint, I cannot give credit to only one man.

Q: How do you overcome writer’s block?

A: I never had writer’s block. There is entirely too much going on my head for my own good. If I run into a stumbling point on a story, I switch to another manuscript and return when I have the problem solved.

Q: Are you a plotter, pantser or a little of both? Describe how a story comes together for you.

A: A little touch of pantser is there, however, I create a story board with an outline of what I see in my head. Naturally, you cannot have a perfect outline from the onset. On those occasions when your thoughts are running rampant, you have to see how it will unfold. To see my story board, you would wonder how I came up with the stories I have. It is the pictures that set the story in motion. Example: 1890 photograph of a village in Europe becomes a peasant’s roost. Always try to look for the reaction.

Q: If you’ve ever done an author signing, tell us about your experience.

A: There are two that stand out for me. I had a book signing at a small indie bookstore that was amazing. We arrived not expecting many people, but the surprise hit me like a brick. When I arrived they had all gotten there early, even though I arrived on schedule. We had standing room only and everybody purchased or ordered a book. 42 people had managed to get themselves into one small room. Then on the other hand, we had a signing at Biltmore B&N. They were to have another event along with the book signing. This was a very large event. The store is well known for its volume. Nobody came to either event. It was still an experience to see your work on their main displays at the front of the store.

Q: What advice do you have for writers who are on their own path to publication?

A: Take the advice of those who have been there. Do not throw things when everything goes wrong. You won’t have any windows or furniture left after the fits of disbelief and finding out your work is not the most amazing thing to ever hit the market. Learn everything you can before you ever submit your work. Writing is not just writing. You have to learn to market, write to the best of your ability, and build a platform. The list is way too long.

Q: What are you working on now?

A: I am currently in an effort to finish Verliege due in spring 2012. On the boundary are three more books that have been in the works for awhile. Also in the spring, I have another release coming out with Schiffer publishing.

Interesting guy, no? I know you’re dying to learn more about his current release, so here it is…

There are those who believe that true love can never die. It is neither an impossible affair of the heart nor is it just the words of poets wooing your soul. The tale of Edward Caulfield stands as a testament of the love he held in his heart for a woman he was never allowed to grow old with.

Excerpt from Moonlight on the Nantahala

In the silence of midnight, memories stirred as leaves on the wind. By the banks of the Nantahala River an old man stood watching the pale blue light of a full moon caress the gently flowing water. 1995 was another year when he would stand on the full of the moon and be here watching, waiting, never ending his vigil until the wee hours of the morning gave way to false dawn. Edward Caulfield was here to witness the Lady of Nantahala. It was here he would try to discover the true identity of this fine lady who had caused such a stir within those who came to walk by the river. In his heart he knew it was his Celia, it could be no other, and still he had to see to truly believe.

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