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8 Things to Do Before Launching a Book

8 Things to Do Before Launching a Book

While it’s obvious that finishing your book is the number one thing you need to do before you publish it (be it traditionally or independently), what else should an author do before he/she launches his/her book? Here’s a list to help you out.

-Get an author website set up. You’ll need this so readers will know where they can learn more about you and your books. Some authors include a blog on their site, but not everyone does. It’s up to you and how social you want to be.

-Have a professional photo taken. Readers love to see what the author looks like. It’s a good idea to have your picture on your back cover or inside the book with your bio, and on your website.

-Prep guest blog material. Don’t wait until the last minute to write a guest blog post. Have some ready and approach bloggers a couple of months before your launch.

-Send out your ARCs (advance reader copies) to reviewers. Some reviewers require a few months notice, so research them ahead of time to know when to send them the ARCs.

-Reveal your cover and tease us with your blurb.

-Get a post office box. That way, readers can contact you via snail mail, if they so choose. And, if you send out swag or free copies of your book, you won’t have to have your address as a return address.

-Get swag printed. If you’re going to have bookmarks, magnets, or any other swag, get those taken care of as soon as you have the book cover.

-Organize a launch party. Some authors do this on Facebook or Twitter and have a blast getting to know their readers or future readers. Others do this in person.

What are other things authors should do before they launch their book?

My next blog post will be July 8. See you then!

Lynnette Labelle

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